Prodeco Phantom X2 Review

Electric bikes are increasingly preferred by people especially in big cities as a means of transport and for commuting around town. The increasing traffic on roads, pollution, plus the sky rocketing costs of gas, have led many people to choose a more greener, healthier, and cheaper means of transport and electric bikes seem to offer the best. These bikes enjoy the same advantages of a regular bike but just with a motor at the back that drastically reduces the amount of effort you have to put in.

However, when an electric motor is installed on a folding bike, this is exactly the combination you need to commute in a big city. Prodeco V3 Phantom X2 provides you the best of both worlds.

To simply describe it in two words, this bike is stylish and powerful. This matt black-and-red beauty, which is more powerful than most other electric bikes out there, will definitely turn heads as you ride it on the streets

Prodeco Phantom X2

Quick Feature List

  • Foldable, lightweight folding electric bike made with aircraft grade aluminum alloy
  • SRAM drivetrain with x7 8 speed rear derailleur and 8 speed twist shifters
  • 120mm ZXR magnesium suspension fork
  • Rear wheel mounted, direct drive 500 W motor
  • Maximum speed of 20 mph
  • 38V, 12 amp-hour lithium ion battery with 28-38 miles range
  • Twist ‘n’ go throttle for 50% to 100% power on demand
  • Avid BB7 disc brake system

When you combine a folding bicycle with an electric motor, you would be expecting the cost to be ridiculously out of range of many city commuters. But this one truly surprises everyone with its affordable price. And the features (which is what we show in the next sections of our review) are another nice surprise.

A folding bike with great features

The Phantom X2 boasts a foldable, lightweight and highly durable bike frame made of aircraft grade aluminum alloy. Aluminum, although expensive than steel, is extremely lightweight and is ideal for both folding bikes and electric bikes. This is the reason why this bike only weighs 58 lbs. making it easy to carry around and take it on bus and trains. With high-end components, this bike is sure to last a long time.

The 26 inch, fat tires are not only ideal for rolling on paved surfaces but also great for riding on gravel and dirt roads.

The SRAM drivetrain with 8 speed derailleur and 8 speed twist shifters will satisfy smart riders. Complete with the shock minimizing 120mm ZXR magnesium suspension fork, it is truly the most aggressive bike out there. The suspension fork will smooth out bumps and vibrations on the road, giving you one enjoyable and comfortable ride.
Plus, with the smooth and responsive Avid BB7 disc brake system, it gives you incredible stopping power, the kind of power you experience only on high end mountain bikes.

Rear wheel mounted 500W motor

Unlike most other electric bikes out there which usually have a 250W motor, this one boasts the superior strength and high-end torque of a 500W, direct-drive motor, mounted on the rear wheel that gives you 750W of power at peak. This super strength motor is great for hills as well as rolling fast on longer commutes. It gives you maximum speed of 20mph, too fast for commuting on streets.

The bike has a twist ‘n’ go option with half twist throttle. Just twist it half the way and glide effortlessly around town. Or if you are in the mood to exercise, just pedal like a regular bike.

38V Lithium ion battery

The high quality 38V, 12 amp-hour lithium ion battery gives you an amazing range of 28-38 miles per charge. The LiFePO4 batteries are more stable, charge quickly and do not deteriorate at higher temperatures like other lithium ion batteries.

Reviews from

The Phantom X2 is a favorite among users. It has received raving reviews on Amazon with a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars and 47 customer reviews till date. On this date, the Prodeco V3 Phantom X2 is rated as 8th best in Amazon’s top rated electric bikes. Users love it for its:

  • Style
  • Performance
  • Comfortable ride
  • Affordable price

Pros of Prodeco Phantom X2

Here is what you will like about this bike:
1. The engine is strong enough even if you wish to stop peddling and glide like a motorcycle.
2. The shock absorber and fat tires make the ride quite smooth.
3. The high speed allows you to cruise past people, making it fun to ride. This high speed will get you to your destination faster than your car with shorter routes and by skipping through traffic.
4. High quality construction.
5. This is great value for money.
6. It has a super quite engine- nobody will know you are riding an electric bike. It is almost like cheating.
7. The battery range is impressive.
8. It is very easy to assemble; although brakes need tuning.


Here is what you will not like about this bike:
1. You cannot install a rear rack.
2. The handlebars are very curved and so, all accessories you hang will slide over from the middle.
3. Back brake is not easy to align due to engine placement on the back.
4. A few people faced problems with the customer service.
5. It is a bit heavy for a folding bike and is difficult to carry around even when folded.


Overall, this is a good electric bike. If you want a bike for commuting to work without reaching there in a sweaty state, or a bike that can be an alternative to your car, this black-and-red beauty is the best money can buy. But if you want a folding bike that you can carry around with you all the time – like if you need to take it up and down the stairs daily – look somewhere else because this one doesn’t fold very well and is also quite heavy than other folding bikes.

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