What is an Electric Bike?

An electric bike is quite similar to a regular bike only with the addition of an electric motor and a battery. While it uses electric power to help the rider in pedaling and commuting from one place to another without strenuous workout, it doesn’t use up gasoline and give out emissions like a scooter.

It also looks similar to a regular bike with all the same features like frame design, handlebars, crank set, brakes, gears, and pedals. Although these bikes do require the rider to pedal, the electric motor helps the rider by exerting force based on the pedaling rate, pedaling speed and the bike speed. So, when you get tired and slow down like when climbing up a hill, you will go at the same speed with the motor backing you up. This is how it can be used like a regular bike for maintaining fitness and exercise

However, since many riders don’t pedal much when riding an electric bike, people regard it as being similar to a scooter and or as an alternative to a car. By combining pedals with a speed limitation of 20mph on most bikes, you get a vehicle that is legally classified as a bike and so, enjoys the same benefits and advantages of a regular bike.

What is an Electric Bike

Benefits of using an electric bike


  • With the power of a motor backing you up, these bikes are great for day-to-day commuting and for exercise. The motor takes most of the strain of pedaling and makes it easy for you to commute without sweating too much.
  • Electric bikes are reasonably priced and are much cheaper than a regular electric scooter. Moreover, these do not require any gasoline to operate and so, you don’t have to pay at the pump.
  • Electric bikes are fun when riding in congested traffic areas as you can easily skip through traffic.
  • E-bikes are environmentally friendly alternatives to regular transport as they do not require gasoline and do not give out emissions. Plus, there are e-bikes that are charged by solar energy and hence, are even more impressive.
  • Electric bikes travel at 15mph-25mph without requiring the rider to break a sweat. This is a great advantage when commuting to work as it will make sure you don’t reach your office in a sweaty state.
  • These can be used as regular bikes as well. If you are in the mood to exercise, pedal at a higher rate and the electric motor will automatically adjust the electric power.
  • You don’t need a license to ride an electric bike neither do you need insurance.
  • Electric bikes can be ridden on the same designated cycle tracks. Hence, you can take advantage of those shortcuts and traffic-free tracks.

Drawbacks of using an electric bike

  • It is not a true alternative to cars and scooters as you can’t ride them on highways and other high speed roadways. Also, you can’t carry passengers with it like you can do on scooters.
  • They are quite expensive than regular bikes.
  • They are heavier to handle. If the electrics fail or the battery runs out, all you will be left is a hefty piece of machine that you won’t be able to ride easily.
  • The battery needs to be charged beforehand, and so, you need to plan before you set off.
  • They are attractive to thieves; hence, you should always invest in a good sturdy lock when buying an electric bike.

Electric bike conversion process

Price rang

If you want a high performance electric bike that has both good quality bike and electric system, expect to pay around $1,500.

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